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The HealMe platform is inspired by my recent Cancer diagnosis, however to understand why my own diagnosis led to the creation of the platform, I am compelled to tell you where I have come from, what started my journey in alternative health and why this platform is so important now more than ever.

I have an extensive career background in allied health, having run a successful sports medicine business for over a decade. I’m also a trained remote medic and adventure specialist. For the better part of a decade, I had faith in and promoted traditional medicine and treatment. It was only after the birth of my first child, that I started to research alternative health and natural remedies for common everyday ailments such as nappy rash, teething etc as I didn’t want my child exposed to harsh chemicals, steroid creams and antibiotics at such an early stage in her life.

This research was the catalyst for overhauling my own health, specifically exposure to chemicals in food, environment and through medicine. Six years and two more children later, our family has committed to a relatively healthy lifestyle, choosing homeopathic remedies for a range of ailments in the children from skin irritations to a cyst under my son’s eyelid, which we were told by a GP would require surgical removal.

Despite my personal commitment to practicing a healthy lifestyle, I still recently received my own cancer diagnosis, however given my knowledge of alternative health treatments and their effectiveness, I knew that my treatment journey would not involve the traditional chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Rather, I would explore proven alternative treatment options in order to help my body heal.

It was at this stage that I realised how incredibly difficult it was to find alternative health information for my diagnosis. Much of what is available is heavily censored or has been falsely discredited. This led to hundreds of hours spent researching instead of commencing a treatment protocol. I knew there had to be a better way and that if I was struggling to find the information I was looking for, then other people were probably in the same situation......and so HealMe was born.

I partnered with my good friend Tom Barnett, a respected alternative health expert, to develop a platform that enables members to access information and resources including treatment protocols, in a safe and private environment that is free from censorship. We asked ourselves “What is that people need during this time?” and built a platform that not only provides information for serious illness but also alternative health information, remedies and resources for treating common everyday ailments.

The platform is ideal for anyone looking for information on how to live a naturally healthier lifestyle for themselves and their family. What is unique about HealMe are the private community groups. Members can connect directly with other like-minded people who have, or are going through similar health challenges. Be inspired by survivor stories and keep motivated and on track using our custom Wellness Diary, while at the same time, learning about emotional and spiritual healing. The resources and experts on the HealMe platform will help you to overcome the fear associated with illness. Hear from alternative health experts and practitioners and link with experts to help support your treatment journey.

We are very excited to bring this new era of healing and health to the community and hope that your journey with us is a positive one. Whether you have come to HealMe in your darkest time or you are here to find information on healthy choices for your family, we hope that you can be inspired to commit to your healing and that through the offerings we provide, find the supportive and informative environment you have been looking for.

I know that if HealMe had been available to me at the beginning of my treatment journey, I would have felt so much more relaxed and confident in my treatment decisions and would have been able to direct family and friends to a platform that would help to highlight the validity of my treatment decisions.

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David Armstrong and Tom Barnett

A place to inspire others and to be inspired.

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